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VOLBEAT's MICHAEL POULSEN: My 5 favorite death-metal albums

Asinhell guitarist and Elvis-metal frontman knows his blast-beat music
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photograph by Brittany Bowman

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Michael Poulsen knows his death-metal. While most headbangers know him as the bandleader of Elvis-metal stalwarts Volbeat, Poulsen grew up an extreme-metal freak and did time in a death-metal band for many years prior to Volbeat. 

Now, he's back in the blast-beat trenches with Asinhell, a new band fronted by ex-Morgoth gurgler Marc Grewe. Their monstrously heavy debut, Impii Hora, arrives Friday September 29th, and to mark the occasion, we asked Poulsen to dig through his record collection and pick his five favorite death-metal albums ever. 

His picks included some obvious classics, some underrated gems, and a nod to one band who the guitarist is quite familiar with. See Poulsen's selections below. 

Darkthrone - Soulside Journey

Completely unique in its sound and an all-time classic.

Death - Spiritual Healing

Chuck Schuldiner is one of my all time favorite vocalists and guitar players, and Spiritual Healing delivers crushing riffs, great harmonies and brutal lyrics that are still relevant 30 years later.

Entombed - Clandestine

Entombed proved they could do it all and make it all work within a metal framework. Groundbreaking.

Grave - Into the Grave

One of the best death metal records of all time.

Morgoth - Resurrection Absurd/Eternal Fall

The best German death metal band of all time, featuring one of my favorite death metal vocalists.