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Hear EVANESCENCE's previously unreleased demo version of "Bring Me to Life"

One of 10 bonus tracks from 20th anniversary version of 'Fallen'

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Evanescence are celebrating two decades of their 2003 debut smash, Fallen, with a 20th anniversary reissue. The new version of Amy Lee and Co.'s iconic nu-metal album features remastered audio, re-imagined artwork and 10 bonus tracks, including a previously unheard demo version of their breakout hit, ""Bring Me to Life", which they've shared today. 

The hit single is a bona fide nu-metal anthem and one of the most popular rock songs of the 2000s, but the 2002 iteration of the track sounds quite a bit different from the one many fans grew up with. 

This version of "Bring Me to Life" begins with glitched-out vocals and a much weirder synth pattern compared to the ornate strings and piano that kick off the version we're all familiar with. 

From there, the guitar parts are more complex and groovy, and Lee is the only person singing on this track. There're no backup vocals from guest vocalist Paul McCoy, and the spot where his rapped verse was added is instead filled with a bluesy guitar solo. 

Whereas so many unearthed demos end up sounding like crummier-produced versions of their official counterparts, this iteration of "Bring Me to Life" actually sounds like a markedly different song.

Check it out above via YouTube and compare it to the 2003 version below. 

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